Orca Africa services fall into two primary service types: Operational Improvement Planning and Implementation Services. In Operational Improvement Planning, we analyse a client’s existing operations and develop quantified recommendations for improvement across process,people, and technology.

Our Implementation Services then take those recommendations and make
them into a reality. Orca Africa thrive on identifying improvement opportunities and implementing change in organizations and institutions.
Three key areas that improve operations are:

Ensuring that you have consistent, repeatable processes and procedures to make it easy for employees to be productive in their daily routines.

Developing best practice-based workflows and policies to meet the business goals (e.g. drive efficiency, improve service and reduce risk).

Establishing performance metrics to reinforce the processes and help you manage your organization effectively.

Ensuring you have the right people with the right skills in the right roles focused on the right responsibilities.

Building positions and organization structures that support the process design.

Integrating the performance management, compensation, and reward structures to achieve desired results.

Ensuring you have applicable technology in place to support your operations now and into the future.

Supporting technology initiatives by providing requirements based on best practice process.